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Plant-Based Grub
for Everyone!

~ Catering Now Available! ~


Wednesday 5-8pm

Paradise Ridge Winery

Friday, 5-8pm
The Roadhouse Collective

Saturday, 12-5pm
Sonoma County Pride Festival

Where to Find Us...





FRIDAYS 5-8PM-ish!

We are excited to introduce our latest venture, The Roadhouse Collective, West Sonoma County’s first Food Maker’s Collaborative and Bar. Located in the Fork Roadhouse space, three miles west downtown Sebastopol, we are a groovy bunch of food businesses located under one roof!

​In these times, we believe collaboration is key to a thriving and sustainable food business model. Our mission is to support each other and up and coming food makers.

In this space, you will find some of your favorite local brewery and farmer’s market food vendors. Along with Just.Eat.Some., our anchor team includes Fork CateringBayou on the Bay, Happy Cat Pizza and Subhuman Sandwich Shop! Our bar will be open serving up your favorite local wines, beers, and spritzes! We are also available for all your catering and event venue needs!

Visit our website for details and our calendar.


It is our honor to begin an amazing partnership with Brew Coffee and Beer Forestville, a beautiful place to enjoy coffee, beer, and our vegan comfort food! Indoor and outdoor seating available with incredible fresh brewed coffee and rotating list of beers on tap!


 website for more information about BREW!

(Click on the pictures below to learn more about all we have to offer!)
Our Food
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Explore our variety of
plant-based, delectable

grub for everyone.

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Love dairy, but dairy doesn't love you? Going for a vegan lifestyle or just looking to add more plant-based foods to your diet? We get it! That's how J.E.S. came to be. Simple, plant-based ingredients to satisfy your comfort-food cravings.


seasonal flavors


The Grub

This Week's Grub

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The Jes behind J.E.S.

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My name is Jesica. Yup, that’s "one 's' Jes" as I was cleverly nicknamed by my elementary school librarian to distinguish me from the four other Jessicas in my grade! 

Where I was lacking an extra consonant, I made up for with an extreme passion for all things Creamy Comfort Food! Cheese and crackers, cream cheese on bagels, onion dip and chips, ooey gooey mac n’ cheese, zingy nachos. If it was rich and creamy, I wanted to dip some bread in it, slather it on some veggies – heck, give me a whole hunk of cheddar straight out of the fridge and I was a happy camper! As time went on and my body matured, however, my digestive system took issue with my creamy dairy habit. It became increasingly obvious that I was going to have to back away from the Colby Jack and find another way to satisfy my cravings. 

So began my pursuit to fill the void dairy had left in my life. Mind you, plant-based creamy alternatives have come a LONG way in recent years. But, those with the right taste and texture lacked in protein. Those that provided nutrition fell short in ACTUALLY reminding me of the real deal.

Driven to get it right, I taste-tested and fine-tuned my ideas until I created tasty creations that fulfilled my every long-lost desire! I brought my new treats to friends and family, dairy and non-dairy eaters alike, and told them “Just Eat Some”! After receiving consistent reviews of approval and satisfaction, I decided I may have hit on something OTHER folks could appreciate as much as I do! So was born, out of necessity and longing, Just Eat Some Plant-Based Grub.

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